Who Are We.

Great work starts with Great People.

We only hire the best people at Your Favourite Story. We then push our staff hard and make them even better through our on going extreme training regime (known internally as Be The Best). This prepares our staff for almost any eventuality or client request, making them truly the best in the business. Put them to the test.

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Be the Best


We now know how to make the best coffee in town for both our staff and our clients.


We have the best creatives. Our extreme training pushes their skills across many mediums and formats.

Flying a Plane

What happens when we're flying with our clients and something goes wrong? We need to know how to fly! So that is what we did...

Ice Sculpting

Everyday we go through training, sometimes extreme training like ice sculpting. Why? To help us shape and carve stunning ideas for our clients.

Stunt Driving

What happens if we’re in a car with a client and we get into a hostile situation? We need to ‘Be the Best’ at getting them to safety. So, we learnt escape and evasion driving.

There's always more to come
We're looking for the next challenge

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to create memorable experiences for new and existing clients. If you have a problem that needs solving, we’d relish the opportunity to hear about it.