Meet our Characters

As you’d expect, we’re comprised of a veritable Rogues' Gallery of personalities so grotesque Dickens himself would have to dial them down.

Julian, CEO & Co-Founder

Julian Mitchell

CEO and Co-Founder

Julian co-founded Your Favourite Story (formerly Digital Annexe) over 10 years ago. A veteran in the digital agency space since 1996, previously working for Ogilvy, Wunderman and AKQA. As well as great digital expertise, Julian has many other talents. He is a DIY nut, a qualified pilot, a skilled welder and he even runs his own farm. However Julian's favourite day of the year is when he hosts our annual digital marketing conference, In The Field.

Rachel Mitchell

Client Services Director

Rachel is one of the co-founders of Your Favourite Story (formerly Digital Annexe). She has been the client lead on the Mercedes-Benz account for over a decade. Before setting up the agency she worked for Modem Media and Digitas. Although she has an extensive knowledge of Digital Marketing, her real passion is for analytics. In her spare time she enjoys learning new languages (she speaks 4) and caring for her horse and three ponies.

Rachel, Client Services Director

Anne, CFO

Anne Varney


Anne’s our CFO, who has spent the last eight years enjoying agency life. Before that she worked both as a finance director and in corporate finance, so she has been there, seen it and got the T- shirt! She enjoys travelling to far-flung places, challenging the internet to work in the back of beyond and is a keen, but unfortunately not very good, wildlife photographer.

Darren Groucutt

Creative Director

Darren is our experienced and very talented Digital Creative Director, his resume includes the 2012 Olympic Games. Best known for his infectious laugh, Darren loves to go fly fishing and playing drums. We can safely say he is the best thing to come out of Wolverhampton, apart from Liam of One Direction.

Darren, Creative Director


Head of Analytics


Business Director


Head of Strategy


Junior Strategist




Senior Marketing Manager


Senior Account Executive




Office & HR Administrator
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