The Telegraph

500 Must Have Apps

Going from print to digital, The Telegraph recognised the need for a new platform to host the 500 Must Have Apps for both iPhone and Android

What was the brief?

The Telegraph wanted to showcase their 500 Must Have Apps for both iPhone and Android in the most engaging way. Taking a new approach to their previously printed booklet and making it more user-accessible. Tackling the issue of cost, production time and adapting the information to be user-friendly and engaging.

Services Required
  • Wesbite Development
  • Hosting
  • Graphics

What was the insight?

After extensive research, we concluded that the objective of this project was to design and develop a responsive microsite to promote the Telegraphs 500 app editorial. Some of the key features include:

  • - Showcase featured apps
  • - Use an API integration to enable automated daily updates and ensure the content displayed was relevant to customers
  • - Data capture: to increase the number of registrations to The Telegraph’s database

How do we reach them?

extra metrics in addition to what The Telegraph initially wanted. We started by adapting the functionality so users could only view the Apps’ content if they had successfully logged in and registered via a light box. This additional feature increased leads for The Telegraph significantly to explore their subscriber’s digital behaviours.

What was the story?

We worked with The Telegraph to move the 500 Must Have Apps for iPhone and Android into the present digital landscape. Taking the previous small printed booklet editions and moving it on to a digital format, to future-proof the solution and make it able to be easily changed and updated.

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