One for the Boys

Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Challenging the though issue of male health. This integrated digital and social campaign explored the meaning of 'manliness', urging men to put their health as a priority

What was the brief?

The One For The Boys – Male Cancer Awareness campaign asked men to re examine their understanding of masculinity and health care. We were tasked with the challenge of crafting a solution that connects men to this important campaign for male cancer screening.

Services Required
  • Social strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphics

What was the insight?

We began brainstorming ideas for ways to visually explore male cancer awareness and attract the correct audience. Using additional data exploring why men choose to not be tested, we were able to find an effective way to present the information. The studies found some men felt intimidated by the screening process for cancer while others said they weren’t sure something was wrong to warrant a check up, some felt they shouldn’t speak about their health and instead chose to, keep quiet for fear of appearing weak.

How do we reach them?

Wanting men to connect positively to the campaign, we took a straightforward approach, rather than underplaying the seriousness of the situation. We began by creating a fully responsive website to increase online content reach for the campaign. The website educated about the risks associated with avoiding medical screening for the disease. We then launched a social strategy that would catch the attention of men, using social influencers and diverse platforms.

What was the story?

The social media response to our social campaign was a clear success; we saw an increase in engagement with the target male audience on platforms they were already familiar with. One For The Boys was launched as a UK-based campaign, but has grown thanks to the support and enquiries that have flooded in through the website and social channels. The campaign has grown across US, South Africa, Australia, and Canada inspiring men to care about their health. The wide support has led to plans for the campaign to grow into territories across the world.

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