Video Channel

A video channel strategy used to showcase Mercedes-Benz vehicles through the eyes of real people

What was the brief?

Leaders in the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz, offer the highest level of safety and quality of vehicles. As video has become increasingly important to digital, Mercedes-Benz recognised the need to innovate their video strategy. We were tasked with finding the best way to display video content in order to engage and offer real reviews from Mercedes customers.

Services Required
  • Strategy
  • Wesbite Development
  • Design
  • Analytics

What was the insight?

Using a soft sell approach, we worked with Mercedes-Benz to find a clear solution and increase video engagement. The Mercedes-Benz, Video Channel connected prospective customers with information and video content without having to leave home. Using real opinions, from real people helped bring a more approachable feel to the Video Channel project.

How do we reach them?

We explored the popularity of continuous play video as a way of keeping viewers entertained and linked to the content. As YouTube and Facebook video has seen success using a similar technique, we chose to follow suit to increase engagement. The content itself was created using real people, reviewing the features of the most popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The videos gave honest feedback (not always positive) and put viewers in the driver seat exploring the full range of vehicles without leaving their homes.

What was the story?

Connecting on a more personal level, the Mercedes-Benz Video Channel aimed to focus on increasing engagement while focusing on personal peer-to-peer reviews.

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