VAns Experience Live - RFID Integration

Bringing innovation to Vans Experience Live with RFID technology

What was the brief?

Every year Mercedes-Benz hold their Van Experience Live event to give their customers a close-up look at important safety and performance features available across the ranges. To celebrate its 11th year, and constantly push the boundaries of how innovation is at the forefront of the event, they asked us to find an easier way to gauge attendees’ product interests using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Services Required
  • Strategy
  • RFID Integration
  • On-site Maintenance
  • Web Development
  • Analytics

What was the insight?

The Van Experience Live event is the most extreme test drive, customers get a first-hand look at safety and performance features available across the Mercedes-Benz Vans range. We first needed to understand how people spend their time and interact with the exhibits at VEL, this helps us better serve their needs after the event to direct them to content they would like to receive rather than general communications. We determined the best use for RFID technology was to allow attendees a chance to opt themselves in for more information about key products and services. The day hosted off-road test drives, competitor vehicle test drives, innovation, and safety demos.

How do we reach them?

When attendees arrived at the event, instead of entering their details multiple times throughout the day, we used the RFID tags as a passport, letting customers check into stations they wished to learn more information about. By simply touching the RFID badge to a display unit with built in micro- computers, the user instantly enrols into targeted content and offers for their specific interests. The micro-computer then submits the registered ID number, along with the relevant display ID, to a secure API hosted on the cloud network, via the on-site event Wi-Fi. This means we are able to transmit data instantly back to the Mercedes-Benz Vans customer database for further communications. One benefit to using RFID tags is the fact the device holds no customer information on the reader, micro computer or RFID tags – making it safe from being hacked or stolen.

What was the story?

We were faced with a tight deadline to deliver a fully tested final product, the solution had to cater for any risks of data loss, poor internet connection, live data feeds, on-site data management, reporting, new registrations and no internet connection. Never fazed, we embraced the challenge with pedal-to-the-metal vigour. To ensure the event ran smoothly our Head of Tech was on hand at the 2-week event to help with any unseen issues. The event brought in over 3000 attendees during the 2 weeks, during 10 days just under 50% of attendees used the RFID tag to register interest in products.

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