Digitalisation of the Mercedes-Benz Showroom

Interactive digital experiences created to revolutionise the Mercedes-Benz showroom and digital exhibition space.

What was the brief?

The digital landscape has grown exponentially; we have been working with Mercedes-Benz to create memorable experiences for showrooms and digital retail spaces. These digital experiences range from Visualiser tools, touch screen innovations - and even some projects still in the works.

Services Required
  • App Design
  • Digital Innovation Design
  • Future Tech
  • Mobile Design
  • Video Integration

What was the insight?

Our approach focused on showcasing experience led applications, aiming for a more conceptual, shareable and memorable content. Customers are interested in being engaged across various platforms and respond positively to trying new ways of experiencing information. These showroom innovations are aimed to create a buzz and influence customers to interact and learn more about products within the store. These digital innovations have been used within Mercedes-Benz locations, at pop-up shop locations and exhibition spaces.

How do we reach them?

We’ve worked with Mercedes-Benz to create a wide range of interactive applications and digital experiences for showrooms and digital exhibitions. We are constantly exploring new ways to communicate, and as such, we’re sharing a snapshot of just some of the digital solutions we’ve created. Firstly, a configurator-based experience was developed and covered all 20+ models in their range, as well as applications to support a model launch. The Mercedes-Benz Visualiser (developed in-house by us) has the ability to configure wheels, colour, interior and trim lines across over 20 models, with over 1,500 possible configurations. The approach uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a variety of informative experiences, which invite customers to spend time creating and customising models. Moreover, a sales app was optimised to give customers and sales staff the best possible Mercedes experience. The application aids sales staff by making their jobs much easier, increasing leads in the process. Furthermore, we developed a technology-focused application to support the E-Class, seen as the first step towards autonomous driving - Compact Cars Configurator is a POS tool that gives customers the chance to explore the compact cars range alongside customising vehicle preferences so that users can find the car that fits their lifestyle and taste. Finally, a sales tool was formulated to explore four-wheel drive capabilities and to ultimately educate users on the Mercedes-Benz line.

What was the story?

Exploring the digitalising of the Mercedes-Benz showroom through, touch screens, offering more opportunities for sales staff to engage with customers. Configurator based experiences and product picker tools as a way of engaging customers at every level of the customer journey.

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