Mercedes-Benz – Apps (C-Class, Sales Library)

Connecting customers with the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range, we’ve worked to create various mobile applications for multiple Mercedes-Benz vehicle lines

What was the brief?

As mobile applications become an industry standard, we realised the potential for Mercedes-Benz to expand their digital reach across a large number of interested buyers while offering existing customers helpful guides to best use their vehicle.

Image gallery of our team while working on the project

Services Required

  • App design
  • Strategy
  • App Development
  • 3D modelling

What was the insight?

Working with Mercedes-Benz for over 10 years, we’ve created a wide range of mobile applications for Mercedes-Benz vehicle launches. The applications are based around the customer, built to be easy to use and full of helpful information about different vehicles available to be purchased.

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How do we reach them?

The Mercedes customer is smart, and puts knowledge at the top of their mind. We’ve determined customers feel better about making a large purchase if they are given all the information possible before making a decision. The sales applications are used to foster engagement and connect interested buyers with vehicle information in one central location.


What was the story?

The Mercedes-Benz Application is a powerful engagement tool, not only capturing sales leads, but also offering knowledge in an easy to use mobile setting.  

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