Massey Ferguson

Interactive Product Picker

The product picker is an interactive touch screen solution used to showcase the full Massey Ferguson line at trade shows

What was the brief?

Fitting a full range of tractors into limited retail space isn’t optimal; Massey Ferguson determined a change was needed to engage customers and still focus on key details on each unique tractor.

Image gallery of our team while working on the project

Services Required

  • App design
  • Strategy
  • App Development
  • 3D modelling

What was the insight?

Immediately we began exploring concepts that engaged prospective buyers without losing the feeling of sitting at the control deck of a tractor. Our research determined a fully immersive touch screen product picker and point-of-sale application would be the best way to engage, showcasing a wide range of categories and highlighting key features of the tractors.

How do we reach them?

The bold interactive touch screen solution was optimised for use on a 50” screen. The fully bespoke design offers 3D modelling, 360 panoramas and touch screen design. Users can learn key features unique to the designs of Massey Ferguson tractors through the app. Available across a wide range of diverse audiences, the Product Picker also features multilingual options in French and German in addition to standard English.


What was the story?

The dynamic Product Picker is the perfect retail assistant, transporting customers behind the wheel of a Massey Ferguson Tractor. Eliminating the need to bring large equipment into tiny retail and exhibition spaces, the touch screen solution can easily be adapted to suit the customer’s needs.  

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