Massey Ferguson

Antarctica Two Campaign

Massey Ferguson paired with explorer, Manon Ossvoort, (Tractor Girl), to bring her dream of exploring the south pole to life.

What was the brief?

In 1958 explorer, Sir Edmund Hillary, embarked on a trip across the South Pole, accompanied by three Massey tractors to keep him safe along his journey. With the anniversary approaching, the idea of following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary on a modern day journey was created.

Services Required
  • Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Motion Graphics

What was the insight?

We decided a cinematic approach would be the best to highlight details of the journey. Key factors we wanted to highlight: - The serious danger they faced on a journey this size - Understand the safety measures each Massey Tractor comes equipped with - Bring the audience along experiencing each part of the journey.

How do we reach them?

Focusing on video diaries to each map out the mission of our heroine and her team as they made their way across the South Pole. We created a microsite that not only educated readers about the mission, but also about safety features packed into the Massey Ferguson tractor. Live content direct from the expedition crew was fed throughout the homepage via Soundcloud daily updates, YouTube videos, Twitter and Facebook posts. Using telemetry data from the actual tractor in Antarctica we created a live dashboard on the website, displaying infographics such as location, altitude, speed, distance, fuel level, engine hours, engine temperature and wheel slip.

What was the story?

The adventure of a lifetime. The campaign increased social media engagement drastically and engaged viewers throughout the journey to the South Pole. Inspiring others to try new things and explore their passions, the campaign resulted in higher sales numbers and expanded social reach. Massey Ferguson and explorer Manon Ossvoort explored the dangerous terrain of the South Pole mirroring the trip taken by explorer Sir Edmund Hillary.

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