B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies to Launch New FuelBox Product

How to use a funnel plus content marketing to increase fuel sales

What was the brief?

"The FuelBox has been a great addition to our business and ad-on sales, it’s so convenient to use and our customers no longer bring their empty contaminated jerry cans back to our depot for us to dispose of. Also, by using clean fuel, we know we’re protecting our investment in our hire equipment."

Hire Shop Distributor

For 99 years, New Era Fuels have been supplying the oils and greases that help keep British industry running. Whilst the nation’s mammoth appetite for energy has remained, growing each decade, the way in which we go about fuelling the tech and machinery around us has fundamentally changed; we’re more mobile and agile than ever before. This is why New Era decided to develop their innovative solution for fuelling the modern workforce: FuelBox. A little like a winebox in shape and function, FuelBox is aninnovative way to purchase, store and pour smaller quantities of red diesel. This makes it perfect for the construction industry where remote teams working on smaller projects can now easily refuel equipment such as mini-diggers and generators. Combined with additives to keep the fuel fresh, plus a handy pouring funnel, and it slowly hacks away at all the niggling issues of a construction site - everything sounded perfect on paper, it just needed to be put into practice. This is where we came in: help to add some propulsion to the launch of Fuelbox.

Services Required
  • Concepting
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming
  • Editing

What was the insight?

After examining the way fuel moved around the World - all the way from rigs to revs - it became clear there was already a need for this ‘final mile’ solution. In certain situations, it was difficult taking fuel from a tanker, bowser or large oil drum to the machine itself. There needed to be lightweight, convenient and manoeuvrable solution. But alas, there was already a contender - either the trusty and rusty old Jerry Can or the non-recyclable and difficult to dispose of hard plastic jerry can. Yet, the more we looked, the clearer it became that Jerry had had his time as old cans still be in use would often accumulate with sand, soil, old debris and even rust, which could all cause severe engine problems by blocking up fuel filters. This type of breakdown is a big problem for hire shops who rent diesel-powered construction equipment which then needs time-consuming on-site repairing. By setting our sights on the old stalwart, the Jerry Can, we could solve a big problem for site workers and hire plants alike. It was time to kill off Jerry.

How do we reach them?

With over 600 stockists already on board, we knew that focusing our B2B marketing on sell-through would help improve and increase sell-in to stockists. Therefore, we needed to appeal directly to the end user – the Construction Worker – educating them on the benefits of refuelling using a FuelBox. Not just ease and convenience, but the need to keep their tools fresh. Taking reference from key communities, such as ‘On the Tools’, it was clear that we needed to adopt the lingua-franca of the construction yard: entertaining, light-hearted and a little tongue in cheek. We chose film as the best medium to convey this comic spin and began storyboarding concepts that would put across our message in a fun and shareable way. Jerry must die. Across a two-day shoot, we took our motley cast and crew of authentic builders to a site where we brought the concept to life...

What was the story?

As with all B2C or B2B launches, the critical component is to solve real problems for real people. The moment of truth is bringing this solution to those early-adopters and innovators who will need it the most; to really connect with your heartland audience. For this film, early seeding has led to a great response within the industry, shining a light on what FuelBox is and can do. In addition to a wave of platitudes - the orders have come surging in: Within the first two weeks, the campaign had already signed up 10% more distributors to now total 900 distributors. Here’s to the next wave.

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