What was the brief?

The most important thing to any business is to always be learning. We use DAU as a day of knowledge, where we showcase cutting edge innovations, speak about industry trends and bring in internationally celebrated speakers specialising in marketing and advertising to help further educate.

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Services Required

  • Strategy
  • Tech innovations

What was the insight?

We have opened up the conversation of what marketing goals our clients would like tackled so we can become better marketers and create a more bespoke strategy that solves their problems. Instead of boring them with strategy and jargon they have no interest in, we’ve enlisted the help of notable speakers including: Dave Trott, Thimon DeJong, David Schneider, Colin Furze to push the limits of what we can achieve as an agency.

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How do we reach them?

Our digital innovation conference gives us a chance to inspire, create and collaborate with others in the industry. Exploring technologies not available to the masses to push the boundaries of what digital marketing can do for our clients. We keep on top of the latest digital trends (including experimentation into AR, VR, Controllr, Public API integration and 'Hackathons.")


What was the story?

Attendees have given amazing feedback, and we’ve continued to grow and improve with each year. Our clients are fantastically smart; we work with very diverse brands that have many interesting ideas and places they would like to take their businesses. One of our favourite things about our job is working with clients from all over the world who are knowledgeable in their field of study. At Your Favourite Story we are constantly learning and growing as an agency.

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