As we reflect on International Women’s Day, the YFS team share the admirable women they idolise, to mark the Year of the Woman.

8th March is the day where we celebrate women who are smashing it all over the world – International Women’s Day. So far, we’ve seen some inspirational campaigns from Penguin Books’ pop-up shop ‘Like A Woman’ and even ourselves with our Tampon Taboo campaign which you can watch below and donate here to help our cause! Moreover, as we reflect on this significant day, the YFS team share the admirable women they idolise, to mark the Year of the Woman.

Chrystella | Baroness Lawrence (Doreen Lawrence)

Baroness Lawrence’s son was brutally murdered in South London in 1993. Since that tragedy, she has acted with the utmost dignity in unimaginable circumstances while fighting for justice for her son. Baroness Lawrence has also campaigned tirelessly to make the legal system fairer for everyone and has dedicated her life to charity work. For me she is a true inspiration.

Sean S | Malala Yousafzai

She is brave, intelligent and very wise for someone so young.

Rebecca | ‘My Late Granny’

She raised 9 loving, bright, ambitious children in a two up-two down in a very poor part of Hull whilst my Grandad would be out in the North Sea on trawlers for weeks at a time.

Robert | Daphne Oram

Her work and experimentation with sound recording and live performance has influenced generations of performers, artists, producers and sound engineers. Daphne is, arguably, the world’s first electronic music producer but unquestionably an inspiration and pioneer.

Rachel F | Emily Wilding Davison

Emily was a suffragette who fought for votes for women in the early twentieth century. She went to extreme measures such as hunger strikes to support her cause! She sadly died after being hit by King George V’s horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby. It is thought she was attempting to attach a flag calling for women to have the vote. It stories like this that make me feel lucky to be a women in this day and age with endless opportunities.

Ollie | Nanny Linda

My own female hero would definitely have to be my Nanny Linda. Born in East London as one of eight kids, she’s ticked all the boxes – started, grew and sold her own financial consultancy, managed several properties, and has raised two kids and four grandchildren herself – and she still has time to cook a great roast dinner for us all.

Tariq | Angela Merkel

I chose her for the way she has managed to lead Germany through a grand coalition of political parties for 13 years and yet still be the voice of reason within the E.U.

Rachel M | Ellen DeGeneres

I picked Ellen not only for being an amazingly decent, caring human being but for being brave enough to put her whole career at risk when she came out on TV, in her own show, over 20 years ago. Being brave enough to just be yourself is something many people are too afraid of. Today she continues to inspire with her work for animal rights and humanitarian charities.

Jade | ‘My Muv’ 

My mum, or Muv as I call her, is the inspirational woman in my life. As cliche as it might sound, she’s my hero and my best friend. I mean, a single mum working three jobs from when I was 3 until I was in my teens?! What. A. Babe.

And finally…

Melodie | Rachel Mitchell

I find Rachel Mitchell inspiring. I think it is badass that she co-founded a digital agency, and that she leads the company with such expertise and grace.


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